International Relations Office

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The Universidad del Golfo de México was founded in 1989 and is considered one of the leading institutes of higher education in Mexico.  Our university stands for democratic learning and education in a private, laic and neutral environment. 


 As we are one of the fastest growing universities of the country, with 21 campuses distributed over 5 states, we offer a wide spectrum of degree programs in various domains: Business Administration, Tourism, Architecture, Communication, Accountancy, Law, Graphical Design and Visual Communication, Informatics, Languages, Marketing, Sports, Industrial Engineering, Psychology and Pedagogy. 


The UGM seeks permanent development based on academic quality and guided by a strong social commitment and values stimulating an integral formation of our future professionals.


In order to connect with the ongoing international evolutions in a multicultural context, the International Relations Office was founded and stimulates, informs, counsels and supports the UGM in its endeavours to build out co-operation and networking programs with international organizations and universities.



L.I. Guillermo Huerta
Head of the International

Relations Office
+ 52 272 106 13 68