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The Universidad del Golfo de México is ready to welcome its ninth generation of summer students. This year the project will again take place in Oaxaca, city of the Zapotecs and capital of the state of Oaxaca.


The summer project at the UGM provides foreign students with an opportunity to become familiar with local habits and culture in Oaxaca and surroundings to understand the Mexican way of living and to learn Spanish in a natural way.


The project lasts four weeks students arrive to Oaxaca on July 11th. Remember to buy your flight ticket from your city to Oaxaca, Mexico. As a summer project student, you will take your Spanish classes there, in comfortable classrooms. If you want to check your e-mail, work on the Internet or do your homework on the computer, you can make use of our computer room. The cafeteria will offer you drinks and snacks at any time of the day. At noon, you will have lunch on campus too. And at last, our garden will give you the possibility to play some sports or rest a little bit between classes and enjoy a nice chat with other students.

During the program, students will take Spanish classes, starting on July 14th. The goal of the Spanish courses is to develop holistic linguistic skills, on the basis of the appropriate grammar and practical vocabulary corresponding to each level of proficiency. In the extra hour course (20 hours all together), attention will be paid to Mexican culture, literature and traditions. At the end of the course, students will take an exam and obtain a certificate.