international relations office

students meeting theirs host families

Your housing in host families is included in the program fee. Oaxaca has a relatively young population with a lot of students, whose families are willing to participate in our Host Family Program opening their homes to foreign students. Immerse yourself in the Mexican life-style and language when you share a home with a local family. Discover the warmth and charm of their family, experience Mexican customs and authentic cuisine and practice Spanish language skills on a daily basis in a natural and spontaneous environment.

The Host Family program also stimulates integration in and understanding of Mexican culture and traditions. Students can get close relationships with their host family and keep contact long after returning back to their home countries. Depending on student’s preferences, the International Relations Department chooses the most adequate home to make his stay as pleasant as possible .


Host families offer students two meals a day (breakfast and dinner). Sheets are provided. Please bring your own towels and toiletries. Your stay begins in the arrival week (11th of July) until the day after you complete your final exams (12th of August)


Our university has also made arrangements with some hotels near the campus. Those hotels rent bungalows, in which three to four students can be hosted together.


Depending on availability, you can opt for this kind of housing. In a bungalow, there is a small kitchen, which gives you the possibility to prepare yourself breakfast or dinner. Lunch is provided on campus. This option is not included in the program fee and costs 200 euros.