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Where can I study languages?

study languages

study languagesEl Centro Internacional de Idiomas te ofrece la oportunidad de estudiar idiomas y te prepara para estudiar o realizar intercambios internacionales.


Estudia Inglés, Frances y AHORA

estudia idiomas



What should I take with me in my suitcase?
  • Passport and photocopy of your passport
  • Insurance policy number and evidence of health insurance with coverage in Mexico. A copy of the policy or your insurance card will suffice (international travel insurance is obligatory!)
  • Transfer forms of your payments
  • 3 passport-size photographs
  • Certificate of good health (can be in your own language)
  • Pictures, posters, all kinds of information about your own country
  • Things you want to use for the “European Night” (games, ingredients, etc.)
  • Typical music of your country
  • Good walking shoes
  • For your Host Families: small gift for your family (a typical souvenir of your country, e.g. chocolates, wine...)
  • Spanish pocket dictionary
  • Suntan oil
  • Sun glasses
  • Rain coat
  • Swimming gear
  • Clothes for very hot weather, but also for rainy weather (in summer, it can be very hot in the day, while in the afternoon it rains sometimes very hard)

There will be a Mexican night, presented by students of UGM.  We won’t tell you what it’s all about, but it will be magnificent.

But later on, it’ll be your turn!  Then you will show Mexican students why Europe is such a fascinating continent!  This will be “the European night”, in which we ask you, European students, to organize European snacks or food, make an exposition with posters and photographs about your region, talk about Europe, act, dance, sing, play music, organize an interactive game with Mexican students, or whatever makes this night unforgettable for both you and them.
This European night is very important, as Europe is often seen as an unreachable far continent for many Mexicans.  But that night, it won’t be that far any more! 

Show what Europe is all about!!  So don’t forget to bring posters, pictures, CD’s with European music, etc.
We hope we can count on your enthusiasm and active participation!

Cost of living

Breakfast: $30 - $40 pesos
Lunch: $35 - $100 pesos
Dinner: $50 - $80 pesos


Local bus: $ 4 – 5 pesos
Taxi: $30 pesos (within the city)

** : $220 pesos/day
*** : $350 pesos/day


Doctor’s appointment:        $ 500 pesos (specialist)
$ 80-250 pesos (general)


Laundry service: $15 pesos for a kilo of clothes
Movie theatre: $45 - 50 pesos a ticket
Cyber shop:  $10-12 pesos/ hour Internet


¡Remember the summer project already includes meals, accommodation and other services!
Click on “Fees” for more information.

Medical Insurance


Medical attention and medicine are not included in any of the established fees.  Please contact an insurance company in your home country to cover all medical attention, hospitalization, laboratory studies or medicine.  It is important to keep all the medical expense receipts safely as proof for your insurance company when you return home to your country of origin.   If you are under medical treatment, make sure to bring enough medicine with you for the full length of your stay, as it might be difficult to fill the prescription here.

When you arrive to Oaxaca, you will have to show evidence of your health insurance with coverage in Mexico.   A copy of the policy or your insurance card will suffice.


To participate in our summer Project it is not necessary to obtain a student visa, due to the fact that the program doesn’t last longer than 60 days, for which a tourist visa is enough.


On your flight to Mexico, you will be asked to fill out a migration paper for TOURISTS. 

This is your “TOURIST VISA” or FMT (Forma Migratoria para Turistas).  You need to take this paper through the migration offices at the airport in Mexico City (room M1), where you’ll also have to show your passport.


Be careful: a Migration Officer will write the amount of days you are allowed to stay in Mexico, on your FMT.  ASK THE OFFICER TO WRITE “90” DAYS on your FMT (“90 DIAS”) and explain that you want to stay longer than 30 days in the country (as a tourist, don’t say “as a student”, because they will ask you for a student visa).  Show your return ticket if necessary. 


Never loose your FMT as you will have to show it again in the airport when you leave the country!

In case you’d have any problem, you can call Annelies Kindt personally from the airport on the following number: 045 272 118 17 32 (ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES!!)