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Languages are being learnt the best where they are not foreign but the language of local people.  After returning to your home country you should not only be seen as a better specialist, but also as competent in a new country, understanding the language, culture and all that crucial tacit knowledge by having lived there.


The solid learning of a new language, the systematic improvement and enrichment of your language skills and adjustment to a domestic lifestyle is done best by a language course. This is executed by qualified language teachers, who speak the language that you intend to learn or improve as mother tongue.


Apart from the systematic learning within a language course, the education takes place where you can meet local people: in your host family, with newly met friends, in everyday situations in which the local language needs to be used.

Depending on your level of Spanish you will be placed in small groups of maximum 15 students (beginners, false beginners, intermediate, advanced).  Each group will have 15 hours of Spanish a week, divided in grammar, vocabulary and conversation classes.  Five hours extra a week (one hour a day), you will have cultural seminars, in which Spanish or English speaking teachers will introduce you in the world of Mexican literature, poetry, traditions, history and politics. 


To put you in the right group, you need to take the Cervantes Placement Test on-line: tm#prueba (Spanish instructions)  (English instructions)

After finishing the test, please answer the following questionnaire honestly: Click here